Frontline Lighting - MFLEX - XL

The ergonomic design allows for rapid installation.  Once the lights are hung in the tent, they may be left installed and the tent stored, allowing for one time setup.  The MFlex Light Kit system has an integrated Power Supply and Dimmer Switch ensuring ease of use and all critical operating parts remain intact. Frontline has built the MFlex Light Kit to operate in rugged environments.  Delivering brighter light than traditional fluorescent lights, our MFlex technology is light weight and water resistant.  It is environmentally responsible and reduces downtime and energy use. 


  • Military

  • Humanitarian

  • First Responders

Features and Benefits

  • Easy (One time) Installation

  • White and Blackout Light

  • Full Dimming Capability

  • Patented LED Technology

  • Reduce Military SWaP-C

  • Developed with NSR-DEC

  • IP67 Rated Light and Power Supply

  • NO UV or Infrared Emissions

  • 50,000hr life span

  • Rugged In-field Design


The MFLEX is a tactical necessity, with this lighting system integrated into the shelters, as a Battery Commander I now have more time to focus on setting up the critical mission command systems instead of wasting precious time locating the lights, unpacking, hanging, connecting and then finding storage for the numerous containers.

Frontline’s “MFLEX” is an evolutionary approach to armed forces tactical lighting requirements, once employed in a shelter this flexible, lightweight, modular, energy efficient solution deploys as an integrated function of the shelter providing immediate illumination both on and off the power grid.

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